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05.31.19What’s New at our Systems and Routines workshop?

We’re changing too…

We just finished the clip list for our upcoming one-day workshop on ‘Systems and Routines‘ this morning.

‘Systems and Routines’ is TLAC for the process of building procedures into the fabric of your classroom so the things you (and students) do repeatedly, you do well.

We’ve shifted the emphasis even more strongly towards what we call Academic Systems, things like Turn and Talk and Silent Solo (ensuring students can write steadily for short bursts to wrestle with new ideas) and Habits of Discussion.

So we’ll be showing (and studying!) some amazing videos. Like this one of Denarius Frazier’s classroom:

EA.CFU.GR11.Frazier.’Solutions.’Clip2858.shorter from TLAC Blog on Vimeo.

As I recently discussed this clip shows what’s possible when teachers take the time to make a routine out of key recurring tasks.  For example, Denarius says, “We’re a little divided, Turn and Talk: Why?” and within two seconds every student is participating and discussing the math. Even the student sitting without a partner next to her knows how to jump in with the group ahead of her.

We’ll also study this clip of Sarah Wright’s classroom:

BC.JFactor.GR6.Wright.’Be Tio Luis.’Clip2893 from TLAC Blog on Vimeo.

You’ll see a lot of the same elements as you see in Denarius’ classroom–the way the room crackles to life when she goes to Turn and Talk but also the way she brings them back swiftly and effortlessly so the discussion afterwards coheres. But you also get a clearer sense of the way a classroom with strong procedures is so often a joyful place.

We’ll also talk about how to build strong procedures from day one and will watch videos like this one of Eric Snider installing his Turn and Talk routines:

Snider.FourPartTurnandTalkRollOut.AF-43.2016-03-22 from TLAC Blog on Vimeo.

So please come join us for a great day of learning. Registration and details are here:
It’ll be our last workshop of the 2018-19 school year but it might be the best one to get you ready for SY 19-20 so I hope to see you all there.

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