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Plug and Plays

Save time. Dive deep. Ready-to-use teacher training modules on specific Teach Like a Champion techniques.
Designed specifically for busy instructional leaders, our Plug and Plays provide all needed materials for two to three hour teacher training sessions on specific Teach Like a Champion techniques. Each Plug and Play provides leaders with: ✓ Ready-made PowerPoint presentations with embedded videos of the technique in action ✓ Facilitator notes for what to say and do for each slide ✓ Detailed analysis of all the embedded video clips ✓ Carefully designed practice activities ✓ Feedback “cheat sheets”—prioritized success points for coaching teachers on the technique ✓ Participant handouts for interactive note taking ✓ Next steps to ensure what’s learned in the session carries over into classrooms

To help you find what best meets your needs, we've organized the Plug and Plays into three categories that align with our workshops – Behavior and Culture, Engaging Academics, and Reading. Within each category, some Plug and Plays require no previous experience with Teach Like a Champion (100 level) and others work best with some leader and school-wide experience with Teach Like a Champion (200 level).

At the bottom of the page you’ll find Bundles – combinations of Plug and Plays that work particularly well together. Bundles also save you money.

Working with our partners at Aptus, we’ve also translated our Plug and Plays into Spanish! Interested in buying a version in Spanish? Email to let us know which ones you want.

Behavior and Culture (9)

Behavior and Culture

Positive Framing

Motivate and inspire students to improve.
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Least Invasive Intervention

Correct nonproductive behavior consistently and with finesse.
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What to Do

Provide students clarity to enable their success.
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Precise Praise

Maximize learning and strengthen student-teacher relationships.
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Joy Factor

Infuse joy to create happy and high achieving classrooms.
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Systems and Routines

Design, install and maintain systems to enable excellence.
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Developing and
Maximizing Radar

Better manage and respond
to student behavior.
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Private Individual

Correct privately with
skill and finesse.
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Strong Start

Build positive, productive habits as soon as students enter class.
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Engaging Academics (7)

Engaging Academics

Habits of Discussion

Advance student understanding and instill habits
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Everybody Writes

Develop students' ability to “think in writing"
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Plan for Error

Anticipate and turn student errors into learning.
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Art of the Sentence

Elevate syntax and
precise thinking.
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Show Call

Engineer accountability and rigor
for students’ written work.
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Turn and Talk

Ensure efficiency, accountability,
and deeper student thinking.
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Move strategically around
the classroom.
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Reading (5)


Shared Reading Through Control the Game

Develop skillful readers who love to read
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Embedding Nonfiction

Help students read more nonfiction, better, by deepening their understanding of the fiction and nonfiction they read.
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Close Reading Bursts

Practice the key skills of Close Reading in a focused amount of time.
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Explicit Vocabulary

Help students understand important and useful words deeply.
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Implicit Vocabulary

Teach important and useful words during reading
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Bundles (3)


Vocabulary Bundle

Help students achieve both depth and breadth of vocabulary knowledge.
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Writing Intensive Bundle

Create an engaged writing culture with rigor and accountability.
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New Teacher Essentials Bundle

Equip new teachers with the fundamentals to start their careers successfully.
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