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Teach Like a Champion Fellows

Recognize, support, and develop outstanding classroom teachers.

Members of the TLAC team with our fantastic TLAC Fellows. (from left to right, Kim, Sadie, Tamesha, Doug, Samara, Alonte, Denarius, Carla, Ashley, Jennifer, John, Erica, Hilary)

We’re thrilled with the learning we’ve done alongside our TLAC Fellows this year. Our focus so far has been Knowledge Building. Fellows have drafted Knowledge Organizers and developed (and practiced!) Retrieval Practice activities. We’re spending the next couple of months filming Fellows so we can  share with you how these outstanding teachers put these ideas into action.

As a reminder, here are the 9 outstanding teachers of our second cohort of TLAC Fellows:

  • Alonte Johnson, 7th Grade ELA, Kings Collegiate, Brooklyn, NY
  • Ashley LaGrassa, 8th Grade ELA, Rochester Prep West Middle School, Rochester, NY
  • Carla Seeger, 8th Grade Math, Amistad Academy, New Haven, CT
  • Denarius Frazier, 11th Grade/Pre-Calculus, Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School, Brooklyn, NY
  • Jennifer Crucetti, 1st Grade, Abram Lansing Elementary, Cohoes, NY
  • John Burmeister, Music, Troy Prep Elementary School, Troy, NY
  • Sadie McCleary, 10th Grade Chemistry, Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School, Brooklyn, NY
  • Samara Levy, 9th Grade Algebra, Livingston Collegiate Academy,  New Orleans, LA
  • Tamesha McGuire, Kindergarten, Kings Elementary School, Brooklyn, NY

Purpose of the Teach Like a Champion Fellowship

The Teach Like a Champion Fellowship is designed to recognize, support, and develop outstanding classroom teachers. By providing an opportunity for champion teachers to grow professionally while remaining in the classroom, we will increase our collective understanding of great teaching while celebrating the craft of these exemplary teachers.

Program Goals

  • To strengthen the quality of teaching in participating schools, districts, and/or networks by seeding them with champion teachers who can model excellence in day-to-day teaching
  • To honor top teachers and offer them a career option that recognizes the importance of remaining in the classroom
  • To develop video clips of champion teachers executing TLAC techniques which can be used to improve teacher training
  • To learn more about TLAC techniques from the experiences of top teachers across subjects and grade levels

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