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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

05.20.15 From Reading Reconsidered: On Teaching Vocabulary

Another excerpt coming at you from the throes of finalizing Reading Reconsidered.  This excerpt is on our two-pronged approach to Vocabulary.   To command words is to master both their breadth and their depth.  Reading for anything more than basic comprehension relies on the a reader’s capacity to understand both a large number of words (breadth) and also…

04.24.15 Reading Notes from My Kitchen Table

This morning my daughter (6) successfully decoded the words “exotic” & “species” when she saw them in print for (I assume) the first time.  She struggled to get halfway through exotic and then suddenly she got it. “Ex… ex-OAT… ex-AH… exotic!” She succeeded, to make an obvious but important point, because she already knew those words….

04.03.15 On Vocabulary: What is a ‘Tier One’ Word?

Bringing Words to Life is a landmark book for me and many other educators on the topic of vocabulary instruction.   It’s hard to say what the three most important ideas in it are because there are so many, but one of the most widely discussed in Beck, McKeown and Kucan’s discussion is how to choose which…

03.14.13 Hanging Out with Scap, J. Conrad and Billy Budd

Spent the morning watching English classes at the Albany Academy (and the Albany Academy for Girls) with my old friend Alisa Scapatici, who appears to go now by “Scap”… at least to the kids.  Subject for another blog but I always wanted to have a cool one syllable teacher nickname like that. Incredibly useful to see what the…