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Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

01.09.19 Sample Lessons For The Giver From Our Middle Level English Curriculum

    I’ve been blogging quite a bit this year about the English Curriculum my team is writing. I shared an overview of our goals and methods here. I shared some examples of how we’re approaching vocabulary here. I shared some examples of the ‘sensitivity analysis’ questions we use for Close Reading here. I reflected on…

08.22.14 Re-Post: A Teacher’s Review of The Giver

The film version of the Giver is out in theaters near you.  To mark its release I thought I’d re-post my own review… of the book… as a teaching tool. Reviews of the movie version are mediocre but as a book it’s–to my eyes–a work of significance and ideal for teaching.  Go to see the movie…

08.21.14 The Giver Giveth and the Giver Taketh Away

A few weeks ago a transatlantic flight finally caused me to watch Saving Mr. Banks the story of how Walt Disney won P.L Travers’ trust and warmed her cold, cold heart just enough to get her to gift the ages with a Disney version of her book Mary Poppins. Decent movie, that Saving Mr. Banks.  If…

03.11.13 Embedding Non-Fiction in “The Giver”

Got an email last week from Lindsey Hugo at the consistently high-performing Edward Brooke Charter School in Boston.  Lindsey’s 6th graders have been reading The Giver, which earns her instant glory points for rigorous text selection and for choosing what the gang here at Uncommon thinks is one of the very best works of youth fiction….