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11.01.16 Reading Challenging Texts Aloud–My Column in TES

As readers of this blog will surely know, I am a strong advocate of both reading aloud to your kids and specifically reading complex and challenging texts to them.  I recently described that what and why in much greater details than I’ve been able to before in the September 9 issue of England’s TES Magazine (@tes). …

06.15.15 Reading: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

This year, when my wife perfunctorily asked me, “Is there anything you need for Father’s Day?” and started to turn away (there’s never been a “yes” to this question), I surprised her…. “Actually…” This year I realized there really was something that I wanted and my kids were the only people who could give the gift….

04.24.15 Reading Notes from My Kitchen Table

This morning my daughter (6) successfully decoded the words “exotic” & “species” when she saw them in print for (I assume) the first time.  She struggled to get halfway through exotic and then suddenly she got it. “Ex… ex-OAT… ex-AH… exotic!” She succeeded, to make an obvious but important point, because she already knew those words….