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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

11.20.20 Postcard from the Edge: Details on the ‘Other’ Pandemic

There is a second pandemic happening. If you’re watching that should not be a surprise. In the education sector almost everyone is working very very hard. They are doing often their best in a terrible situation. They deserve thanks and praise. But that doesn’t change the fact that educational devastation is being sown across the land….

10.15.20 Heather Pirolli Models an Online Show Call.

Show Call is one of our favorite classroom techniques on Team TLAC. It involves choosing a student’s work and projecting it to the class, whereupon it gets studied–lovingly but with rigor–especially if it includes a common error that everyone can learn from. It’s a technique that translates well into an online setting, so I thought I’d…

09.21.20 Dan Willingham’s Workarounds for Online Teaching: Some Video Examples

The Cognitive Psychologist Daniel Willingham had a useful Op-Ed in the LA Times last week in which he discussed the ways that online learning is cognitively strange (my phrase; blame me if you don’t like it)–that is, it asks us to interact socially in ways we aren’t used to and haven’t evolved for and that are…