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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

09.11.15 (Even) More on Analyzing Exit Tickets

Earlier today I  posted about a conversation we’d had at #TLaC towers on the topic of Exit Tickets. John Costello–one of my colleagues on Team TLaC–sent me an email with further thoughts on the post.  He focused in particular on the critical importance of depth of information in revealing student thinking (and implicitly on the importance of…

09.11.15 Upon Further Reflection: Exit Tickets

Great conversation about Exit Tickets around the hearth at #TLaC Towers yesterday. Topic: Exit Tickets- Specifically, “What About Them is Most Important”? Our conversation was divided into two topics: blank Exit Tickets (what does a well-designed Exit Ticket look like?) and filled out Exit Tickets (what do you do with the data afterwards?). My biggest  takeaway…

04.01.14 Share Your Insights: Exit Tickets

Revising the Exit Tickets section from 2.0 before i put the Lesson Structure chapter to bed.  If you use Exit Tickets and could share one “best practice” and/or one “lesson learned” what would they be?  Look forward to your comments!