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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

03.26.19 Tracking the data: From Classroom to Soccer Pitch

When I do workshops for soccer coaches I routinely show them videos of amazing classroom teachers at work and we talk about how to adapt and apply the ideas they use in a coach’s setting. One of the videos I show coaches most frequently is of Denarius Frazier, one of the best math teachers I know….

01.10.19 Ms. Pacheco’s Kindergarten and the Importance of “Tracking, Not Watching”

      Wanted to take a moment to share a really lovely and elegant video from Narlene Pacheco’s kindergarten classroom at Partnership NYC’s Immaculate Conception School in the Bronx. Narlene’s teaching demonstrates a lot of elements of the Check for Understanding (CFU) technique, most of all Tracking Not Watching– the idea that careful observation for…

01.08.18 How Freedom Prep’s Jasmine Howard Checks for Understanding

  We’ve spent this past year working with Freedom Prep, a network of 4 high-performing schools in Memphis. The goal  for us is to help them take their program to the next level, and the journey has been a rich one–the team at Freedom Prep is dedicated, smart and insightful and their schools are bright, warm,…

12.05.17 What’s New for our New Orleans Workshop?

The TLAC team and I are heading to New Orleans after Winter Break, doing a two-day updated Engaging Academics workshop on January 11th and 12th. We’re excited to be presenting- it’s one of our best workshops–maybe the ideal ‘introduction to TLAC workshop–but this one should be especially interesting as it includes a few significant changes that…