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Sample Videos

View examples of champion teachers in action from our video database.

Everything we’ve learned about great teaching, we’ve learned from watching champion teachers in action. That’s why video of teachers is the basis for much of the work we do on the Teach Like a Champion Team. We spend dozens of hours each week screening video of champion teachers from across the country, meeting to analyze especially promising clips, and making decisions about how we’ll share all that we’re learning—whether that’s through our blog, Plug and Plays, workshops, or books.


Although video isn’t sufficient for helping a teacher get better, we’ve learned that it can play an integral role in the training process. With video, we can go beyond merely describing a teaching technique in words and actually share what it looks like in action. It also allows us to honor the teachers themselves and the profession they’re contributing to.


To find videos clips about specific techniques, use the search feature below to see what we’ve posted on the blog. Beneath the search box below we’ve posted a few all- time favorite clips. If you’ve purchased any of our books, you also have access to all of the book videos in the Your Library section.

Looking for Video Clips?

  • Since books (thankfully) only come out every few years and we run a limited number of workshops,
  • we share many of the new insights we’re learning from studying great teachers via our Field Notes Blog.
  • Click the button below to see and search for our all the blog posts that include video clips.
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A Sampler of All Time Favorites

Teach Like a Champion Techniques

Right is Right
Colleen Driggs
Watch clip
Wait Time
Maggie Johnson
Watch clip
Check for Understanding
Hilary Lewis
Watch clip

Practice Perfect

Julianna Worrell
Watch clip
Serena Savarirayan
Watch clip

Reading Reconsidered

Embedding Texts 1
Patrick Pastore
Watch clip
Embedding Texts 2
Patrick Pastore
Watch clip
Reading Class Cycles
Julia Goldenheim
Watch clip