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Sentence Expansion
Sentence expansion is a writing exercise that pushes students thinking and development as writers. In this mini-training, teachers can experience the “But, Because, So” activity as adult-learners and then practice drafting a similar activity for their own students. The best part? It’s not just for ELA teachers. It requires rich content and works across all subjects.
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Word Walls and Word Banks
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The Whisper Correction
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Wait Time Cheat Sheet
Giving students time to think before answering questions encourages a higher-quality initial answer instead of the first answer a student can think of. Also, there are several steps necessary to teach and remind your students to use their Wait Time effectively. Charlie Friedman, principal of Nashville Classical Charter School, created a Wait Time Cheat Sheet after noticing that teachers on his team struggled to make Wait Time transparent.
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Analyze and Draft Cold Call Prompts
In the forthcoming edition of Teach Like a Champion 2.0, Doug writes, "If I were working with a group of teachers and had to help them make the greatest possible improvements in the rigor, ratio, and level of expectations in their classroom with one technique, the technique I’d choose might well be Cold Call, the practice of calling on students regardless of whether they raise their hands." When executed well, Cold Call enables teachers...
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Consequence vs. Correction Case Studies
One of the trickiest aspects of managing behavior and culture is deciding when to give a consequence versus a correction. The question is tough because teachers must decide each scenario on a case-by-case basis and they need to do so swiftly, consistently, and repeatedly. The truth is, sometimes, we’re going to get it wrong. But, if you’ve got guidelines to help yourself make the decision and language at-the-ready...
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