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Our train-the-trainer workshops prepare instructional leaders to deliver high-quality training on Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect techniques.

Reading Reconsidered

Workshop (per person)$ 800

Licensing (one per school)$ 800

London Irish Centre 50-52 Camden Square London, NW1 9XB, UK
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Reading Reconsidered

By providing concrete techniques teachers can use immediately, this workshop tackles one of today’s most urgent challenges: the distinct demands of closing the achievement gap in literacy.


Join facilitators Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, Colleen Driggs, and Jen Rugani to learn our most up-to-date guidance on reading as described in Reading Reconsidered: A Practical Guide to Rigorous Literacy Instruction. This practice-intensive workshop provides instructional leaders with the tools to deliver high quality literacy training and to help drive results.



  • An understanding of a variety of instructional techniques that support students in becoming college-ready readers
  • A framework for analyzing text complexity and selecting texts beyond lexile level
  • Practice activities that broaden and strengthen teachers’ capacity to lead literacy instruction in English Language Arts and across all content areas
  • Access to over 50 clips and analysis talking points that demonstrate Reading Reconsidered techniques in action



  • Close Reading — Techniques for teaching students how to establish and analyze meaning in texts that are above their comfort level.
  • Knowledge Building — A set of tools to intentionally build knowledge in a literacy classroom
  • Implicit Vocabulary — How to teach and reinforce vocabulary acquisition during reading
  • Writing for Reading — How to leverage the synergies between reading and writing to prepare students to be excellent writers as well as readers
  • Maximizing Road Miles — The amount of reading students do, through a balance of oral, shared, and silent reading



Schools that purchase the Implementation Toolkit License will receive a link to download copies of all workshop materials, as well as additional training materials, including:

  • Full description of all techniques, methods, and practice activities covered in the training
  • PowerPoint deck used in the workshop
  • All video clips shown and talking points for each clip
  • Additional clips with complete talking points
  • Lesson plans for school-wide and individual PD activities to help leaders train teachers
  • Aligned coaching tools and other materials to maximize teacher development



Our workshops are a “Train the Trainer” model. We prepare instructional leaders and school leadership teams to deliver excellent training on Teach Like a Champion 2.0Reading Reconsidered, and Practice Perfect techniques. We typically recommend this workshop for teachers, literacy specialists, and leaders grades 2-12. Schools usually send a team of two to five instructional leaders and teachers in order to have several key team members responsible for turnkeying the work back at their campuses.



Payment must be made in advance for this workshop. The workshop attendance fee is £640.00/$800 per person. Licensing fee is £640.00/$800 per school.

Workshop (per person)$ 800

Licensing (one per school)$ 800

London Irish Centre 50-52 Camden Square London, NW1 9XB, UK
Questions? Read our FAQs