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A curriculum written by and for people who love books

A 1-year digital platform subscription guarantees you and your teachers access to a wide array of tools and resources to support the implementation of the Reading Reconsidered Curriculum.

  • Curriculum Users Guide “Plus”: A comprehensive guide to support implementation of the curriculum and its academic systems. The digital “plus” version includes 40 videos that demonstrate best practices.
  • Access to Reading Reconsidered Clip Library: A searchable library of clips and accompanying video analysis notes that will continue to be updated. Reading Reconsidered videos are organized by lesson component including Do Now, Retrieval Practice, Vocabulary, Sensitivity Analysis, Reading Cycle, Discussion, and Writing.
  • Video Footage of Full-Length Model Lessons
  • Leadership Tools
    • Standards Alignment Documents by Grade Level
    • Curriculum Unboxing Session Video
    • Teacher Preparation and Implementation Guidance
    • Clip Notes to Support Video Review and Analysis
  • Virtual and Hybrid Teaching Resources: Full length asynchronous video models, read aloud models by grade, online teaching framework and more!
  • Retrieval Practice Support: Ready to use novel Power Points with video models from the Teach Like a Champion Team.
  • Other Support Tools as we develop them, including:
    • Asynchronous Unit Preparation PDs By Novel
    • Examples of Student Work and Exemplar Essay Responses

The Digital Platform Subscription is $1,000 per school for yearlong access. If you would like to purchase access for your entire district or network, the cost will not exceed $2,500 regardless of the number of teachers who sign up. Returning subscribers earn 10% off.