Pilot Our DOS Curriculum Resources

Partner with the TLAC team to receive direct implementation support and provide feedback on DOS Curriculum.

Thank you for your interest in piloting the DOS Curriculum! The pilot partnership is an opportunity to get direct implementation support, while also supplying important artifacts and feedback on your use of the DOS Curriculum. By partnering with the TLAC team—you will help the DOS Curriculum to grow for years to come!

Should you decide to join our Pilot Partnership, you will receive:

  • The entire DOS Curriculum Suite
  • The DOS Curriculum Implementation Guide
  • An invitation to an Unboxing Webinar
  • Direct access to support and troubleshooting with the TLAC DOS Curriculum Team (two, scheduled Zoom calls for feedback, support, and troubleshooting)

You will also be asked to complete the following:

  • Submit one video of implementation: Dean/Educator led, student(s) present.
  • Submit at least five pieces of student work 1x per quarter
  • Respond to 4 surveys 1x per quarter

Price: $400 + Pilot Commitments

Length: 1 year, from purchase date

Renewal: If active*, pilot partners may add an additional year onto their subscription for $400 with no pilot commitments.

*To be deemed “active”, pilot partners must complete all pilot commitments within the year.