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Our train-the-trainer workshops prepare instructional leaders to deliver high-quality training on Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect techniques.

Techniques and Principles for Online Teaching

Workshop (per person)$ 150

Licensing (one per school)$ 200

Via Zoom, EST
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Techniques and Principles for Online Teaching

Teachers across the country have been asked to shift to unfamiliar and challenging forms of instruction where they are distant from their students and interact remotely. The young people they serve now appear in a series of keyhole-like boxes in the corner of a computer screen. And yet students need to connect with their teachers and be actively engaged in learning. Nearly everything about teaching has changed for teachers over the past few months except for the fact that students need us, now more than ever, to be outstanding.


In this 90-minute interactive webinar we’ll share with you powerful clips from the online classes of real teachers. We’ll identify and discuss principles from those examples to help you adapt your own or your staff’s teaching as successfully as possible.



  • Balancing synchronous and asynchronous instructional methods
  • Including “pause points” to allow students to interact and engage in content–in both forms of learning–and to ensure healthy accountability
  • Using procedures and routines to build efficiency and to help students succeed
  • “Dissolving the Screen” to make students feel more connected



This will be an interactive session in which we seek to model many of the techniques we describe for synchronous online learning so participants can experience them from a students’ perspective. With that in mind we are limiting the group size to 25 we can maximize engagement and ask that you remain visible on your camera and participate actively in discussions. (If you prefer not to do so, please know that a recording of an earlier version of the webinar is available on our blog).


As in our regular Train the Trainer workshops, schools will have the option to purchase an Implementation Toolkit License. The school leader will receive a link to download copies of all workshop materials, including:

  • PowerPoint deck used in the webinar
  • All video clips shown and talking points for each clip
  • Participant handouts



This webinar is designed for leaders or lead teachers, ideally in teams of two or three who will be responsible for demonstrating and leading training on effective teaching for colleagues at their campus. Initial registration will be limited to four participants per school until 48 hours before the event to ensure access to the greatest number of schools.


For schools, districts, or networks interested in having us train their teams directly, please email with details: Name of school(s), dates when you’d want training, # of teachers to be trained.



We currently have three dates that you’ll select from when you click the attend button and register. More dates will be announced soon.

  • Wednesday, July 29, 10:00-11:30am EST
  • Thursday, July 30, 10:00-11:30am EST
  • Friday, July 31, 12:00pm-1:30pm EST

Workshop (per person)$ 150

Licensing (one per school)$ 200

Via Zoom, EST
Questions? Read our FAQs