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By purchasing the license (one per school), workshop attendees receive access to a folder on Box that contains all the video clips discussed at the workshop, a full description of all techniques, methods, and practice activities, and additional clips and practice activities on the workshop’s focal techniques. In addition, the Box folder includes a PDF copy of the PowerPoint deck presented in the workshop to use as a model for building one’s own training, a complete copy of the booklet used by participants during the workshop, and additional planning tools and guidance for conducting professional development workshops. With the exception of the Power Point, the documents in the folder are fully editable so that workshop attendees can revise them to meet their school’s particular training needs. All of our workshops are a Train-the-Trainer model. We believe that having the video clips and carefully crafted, ready-to-use practice activities are essential for workshop attendees to be able to return to their schools and teach the techniques to others.

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