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Our train-the-trainer workshops prepare instructional leaders to deliver high-quality training on Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect techniques.

Dean of Students

Workshop (per person)$ 1,000

Licensing (one per school)$ 1,000

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Dean of Students

We define a Dean of Students as the school leader most in charge of creating a strong, vibrant school culture in which students thrive. Though many schools in fact have a Dean (or Deans) of Students, the role goes by other names as well: it can be the work of an Assistant Principal, a House or Hall Principal, Dean of Culture or even the job of the Principal herself. The work can be done by one person or several. Whatever the name and structure it takes in a given school, the Dean of Students’ role is vital to student success–and most critical to the success of those students most at risk. It entails ensuring that all classrooms have a foundation of positive behavior to enable rigorous and engaging academic instruction to thrive. The Dean’s role ensures that everyone participates in positive culture even those students who seem to resist it most.


Deans, in other words, are mission-critical, and though their work is uniquely challenging, they often receive precious little training and support. This workshop sets out to change that.


Join Doug Lemov, Hilary Lewis, Darryl Williams, and Kim Griffith (all former Deans) to examine, celebrate and improve upon this important roleThis workshop provides instructional leaders, Deans of Students, and other key school culture personnel with the tools to build vibrant, positive culture to help drive results.



  • A framework for providing effective coaching and feedback to Deans
  • Insights when describing the effective application of techniques by Deans
  • Practice activities that will strengthen Deans’ capacity to apply effective techniques in their schools
  • The opportunity to plan how you will implement these techniques in your school’s professional development program



  • Crucial culture-building moments that Deans own including: Public Deaning, Private Deaning, Data Gathering, and Family Communication
  • Effective coaching during practice to help Deans master the techniques



Attendees who opt to license the implementation tool kit will receive the practice activities experienced at the workshop, as well as additional training materials to support others back at their schools, including:

  • Video Clips: A selection of the videos from this workshop. The nature of the videos—especially those involving one-on-one interactions between Deans and students–makes it challenging for us to share all of the clips from this workshop. However, we have provided you with a sample of useful clips, especially those showing Public Deaning.
  • Clip by Clip Talking Points: Brief bulleted observations describing important aspects of each video.  We hope they’ll prove useful in leading discussions with your teachers and deans as you train them.
  • Technique Notes: The complete technique notes describing the implementation points of each technique.
  • Practice Activities: Carefully designed, sequenced activities like the ones you’ll see in the workshop, developed to help your deans practice putting these ideas into action. They include role plays, case studies, and lesson planning guides and are designed to be ready-to-use as is, or adapted for your own context or focus.
  • Implementation Tools: Various tools we think you will find useful in training deans on this material, including: one-pagers for easy access to content and for you and your leadership team to use in preparing to put these materials into action, sample Dean resources to use and adapt for your school context, and additional training, feedback, and practice activities to continue the learning.
  • Dean of Students Curriculum: Many of the challenges that students face in school are predictable; challenges like showing integrity and perseverance, identifying and responding to bullying/teasing behaviors, managing feelings of anger in productive ways, and more. Included in the resources for this workshop will be a sample of our updated DOS Curriculum, a series of lesson plans for students to complete on common challenging scenarios they face in school.
  • Art of the Consequence Plug and Play: Effective consequence delivery by teachers/deans is an important way to support strong school culture and maintain relationships with students. This ready to use PD module can be adapted and turn keyed at your school to train your teachers.



This workshop is for Deans, school leaders, and other key personnel who shape and build school cultures.

Workshop (per person)$ 1,000

Licensing (one per school)$ 1,000

DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown 455 S Broadway Tarrytown, NY 10591
Questions? Read our FAQs