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09.19.18Emily Badillo’s Positive, Genuine, Inclusive Cold Call


I wanted to share an really nice video of Emily Badillo using Cold Call.  It’s a crisp 30 second case study in how to use Cold Call to set expectations high while remaining positive, genuine and inclusive.


We’re watching her with her 4th grade reading group and there are two Cold Calls.

EA.ColdCall.GR4.Badillo.’Interesting new thoughts.’Clip2742 from TLAC Blog on Vimeo.

The first one is right at the outset. Emily begins, “Brianna, read us the question.”

It’s a strong first Cold Call because:

  • Emily is bright, enthusiastic and warm- getting called on by her is a good thing.
  • It’s a first Cold Call designed to make sure Brianna is successful.  All she has to do is read.  If she has doubts she finds herself easily able to speak to the class.
  • The class has been reminded to always be ready. They could be invited into the conversation at any time. And they’ll want to be ready because Emily is so positive and appreciative.
  • The pace has been established- we’re moving quickly without down time waiting for a hand, etc.
  • It’s simple and easy to do for Emily. It comes out easy and natural and so naturalizes and normalizes Cold Call in all the right ways.


The second Cold Call is also strong. It comes after Emily has observed the girls’ writing in response to a prompt. And it’s effective because:

  • The tone is just right- positive, engaging, appreciative.
  • She’s chosen Iliona’s answer deliberately–she’s not hoping she’ll get a good answer and trying to be ready to respond. She’s selected a good answer based on data and has the starting point she wants.
  • She’s set Iliona up to fell good about her answer with the frame, “We’re coming to some really interesting thoughts here…”


It’s a great example of how Cold Call can be positive and inclusive and some of the simple things teachers can do to make their classrooms feel that way.

30 seconds of pure teaching gold.


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