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06.08.15Tools for Coaches: Resources on the Teaching Side of Coaching

pitchA year or so ago I posted a rubric I was working on to help define the key aspects of teaching for coaches… I’ve been doing some work with US Soccer on this front.

I thought I’d share some updates that I’ve made and some other useful coaching materials.

First, click the link below to see the new rubric, slightly updated. It explains 6 key areas of teaching for coaches:

SIMPLIFIED Criteria for Quality Instruction at Training.11.25

  • Structure and Design
  • Checking for Understanding
  • Feedback
  • Modeling
  • Procedures and Routines
  • Tone and Culture


Then, here are some slides, slightly adapted from our upcoming workshop on Practice (June 18 and 19), to help coaches think more about applying the principles of Structure and Design.

Practice Design Slides.6.15

I should have some new video ready to support these slides sometime in the next few weeks.  In the meantime here are a few previous blog posts that might be useful, organized by topic

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  • Check for Understanding

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  • Feedback

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  • Procedures and Routines

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  • Tone and Culture

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 And some general coaching posts:

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