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09.22.17Art of the Sentence: Brittany Rumph’s Kindergartners Can Really Write!

We love the technique Art of the Sentence.  By asking students to write a single sentence- ideally by asking them to write that sentence about some rich and engaging area of content- we teach them to master the art of syntactic control- the ability to use diverse tools to express complex ideas and this is extremely important sine mastery of the sentence is that key to learning to write.

At our Reading Reconsidered workshop in Albany today we shared this amazing clip of Rochester Prep’s Brittany Rumph modeling the Art of the Sentence technique with kindergartners- yes you heard that right, kindergartners.

The crowd loved it–it’s a juicy clip–both for its technical merits and for the evidence that Brittany and her students love writing.

Teachers often ask us if Art of the Sentence can work at the kindergarten level.  We think it can, and Brittany proves it.  Hope you like the video as much as we do.


Reading.AOS.GRK.Rumph.’Artful sentence.’Clip2500 from TLAC Blog on Vimeo.

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