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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

09.21.20 Dan Willingham’s Workarounds for Online Teaching: Some Video Examples

The Cognitive Psychologist Daniel Willingham had a useful Op-Ed in the LA Times last week in which he discussed the ways that online learning is cognitively strange (my phrase; blame me if you don’t like it)–that is, it asks us to interact socially in ways we aren’t used to and haven’t evolved for and that are…

08.24.20 Agency Over Video: The Key to Asynchronous Instruction

Good online instruction will probably always involve a combination of synchronous and asynchronous methods. After all they have different strengths and limitations. Synchronous instruction allows us to connect with students and build relationships. And it lets us understand and support their learning in real time. But asynchronous instruction deals better with technology problems: it resists glitchy…