Teacher Prompts to Launch

Teacher Purpose

Teacher Prompts During/After


·         T: This is a spicy question

·         S: Mmmm. Spicy.

·         T: That means you’re going to think and I’m going to wait. Don’t raise hands until I ask. (Repeat question.)

·         Make transparent. 

·         T: Hands!

·         T: (Narrate raised hands)

·         T: Kaleb, nice job using your thinking time to review the text. (Repeat question.)

Building the Habit

·         T: This is a spicy question

·         S: Mmmm, Spicy.

·         T: Question. You’re thinking. Go.

·         Narrate hands.

·         Prompt thinking skills.

·         T: This is a 2nd grade question. Who’s ready to take a risk..

·         T: I have 5 hands, but need all of them.

·         T: I see Jamie using the 100s chart.

·         T: I see Malik rereading the dialogue on pg. 2.

·         T: I see Jaida making that perfect sentence in her brain. She’s restating the question in her head.

·         T: Remember, hands are down and you’re thinking. 


I see Charlie checking his notes.

Charlie is flipping to page two of his notes

When it’s a Habit

·         T: Spicy question

·         S: Mmmm, Spicy.

·         T: Question & Gesture.

·         Give real thinking time.

·         Teacher is silent and circulating

·         Private checkins, if necessary (“like how I see you doing xyz)

NCCS Wait Time Cheat Sheet