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Teach Like a Champion Fellows

Recognize, support, and develop outstanding classroom teachers.

Teach Like a Champion Fellowship Nomination Information for 2017
We are now accepting nominations for our second cohort of TLAC Fellows.

Purpose: The Teach Like a Champion Fellowship is designed to recognize, support, and develop outstanding classroom teachers. By providing an opportunity for champion teachers to grow professionally while remaining in the classroom, we will increase our collective understanding of great teaching while celebrating the craft of these exemplary teachers.

Program Goals

  • To strengthen the quality of teaching in participating schools, districts, and/or networks by seeding them with champion teachers who can model excellence in day-to-day teaching
  • To honor top teachers and offer them a career option that recognizes the importance of remaining in the classroom
  • To develop video clips of champion teachers executing TLAC techniques which can be used to improve teacher training
  • To learn more about TLAC techniques from the experiences of top teachers across subjects and grade levels

Please nominate teachers who:

  • Have at least three years of experience who plan to stay in the classroom for the next three years
  • Want to continue to develop their capacity as highly effective classroom teachers, while also taking on the additional challenge of modeling expert teaching to shape the instructional practices of other teachers
  • Are receptive to and hungry for feedback and love to learn
  • Have a proven record of strong student achievement

Program Requirements

  • Application process:
    • Nomination by school leader
    • Essay responses by nominee
    • Assessment data
    • Video of instruction
    • Video Chat Interview with Team TLAC
    • In-Person Immersion Day for finalists (April 10th)
  • First 18 months:
    • Bi-monthly “on campus” meetings with the Teach Like a Champion Team in Albany or NYC. On these days, Fellows will participate in:
      • Cutting Log Meetings to discuss and analyze video with the team
      • Group practice sessions on specific TLAC techniques
      • Video feedback sessions (often with individual practice)
      • Implementation sessions to plan how to leverage influence and coach teachers within your school (upon Principal approval)
    • Bi-monthly, remote meetings during which Fellows participate in:
      • Cutting Log Meetings to discuss and analyze video with the team
      • Individual feedback sessions on video, lesson materials
    • Moderate “homework” between meetings (e.g., watch and evaluate videos for meetings; revise lesson plans)
    • Fellows will be filmed teaching and interviewed afterwards at least four times per year.
    • They will be asked to meet with a TLAC team member beforehand and to share lesson materials afterwards.
  • Final 18 months:
    • Remain in the classroom for the duration of the fellowship
    • Honor periodic filming and follow-up requests

Benefits to Fellows

  • In depth, targeted professional development and coaching to hone their craft as classroom teachers
  • An opportunity to develop a portfolio of instructional videos
  • A $15,000 stipend ($5k/year for three years, paid at the end of each year so long as Fellows remain in the classroom)

Requirements of Participating Schools

  • Sponsor Fellow by paying for a quarter of the stipend, $3,750, to be paid once for the three year fellowship
  • Allow Fellow to attend bi-monthly in-person meetings and participate in bi-monthly remote meetings
  • Support the Fellow in finding opportunities to influence peers and lead by example.

To nominate one or more of your teachers, fill out this online form*

*Because the fellowship requires support from the sending school, Fellows must be nominated by their school leader.

Key Dates:

  • The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, January 17, 2017
  • Applications will be extended to nominated candidates with next steps on Monday, January 23, 2017
  • In person Immersion Day for finalists is Monday, April 10, 2017
  • The fellowship will launch Friday, June 2, 2017 and will end in 2020 at the end of the school year

Please contact with any question or comments