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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

05.25.16 How to Break It Down: A Bit of Sage Advice from Juliana Worrell

Break It Down (Technique #35) is a  valuable and important teacher move, but it’s also without a doubt one of the hardest techniques in Teach Like a Champion to execute.  The idea is that when a student gives an incomplete or wrong answer, the teacher replies with a question that provides just enough hint, reminder, or…

10.19.15 HISD’s Erin Krafft Installs Turn and Talk & Builds a Culture of Error (Video)

For our video meeting this week, Chief Video Officer, Rob Richard promised the TLaC team clips that were ‘new’ and ‘pretty exciting.’  Now, Rob is not given to hyperbole.  ‘Pretty exciting’ on the Rob-o-meter is pretty serious praise so the pre-meeting buzz was, let’s just say, intense. With good reason, it turns out. We’d just received…

03.23.15 When a Pre-Call Killed the Mojo- And What to do About it

Recently, our team sat down together to watch footage of a first rate elementary teacher leading a math lesson with her second grade scholars. We observed a lot of great things–and one very unexpected outcome.  Joaquin Hernandez and Colleen Driggs describe it in this guest post: After giving students a few minutes to solve a word problem,…

03.25.14 I Like Turn and Talk As Much As The Next Guy, But….

I recently posted on making Turn and Talks more efficient. Thanks for all the positive responses.  I wanted to add this quick follow-up to talk about how to make Turn and Talk rigorous and overcome its pitfalls.  What? you ask, Pitfalls? in Turn and Talk?? Turn and Talk involves lots of kids doing lots of discussing….