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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

09.06.16 On Coaching: How Kelvin Jones Uses Feedback to Build Culture

Last week I posted some video of Virginia ODP soccer coach Kelvin Jones’ training session with players at his home club in Williamsburg, Va.  The video showed some of what made his models so successful and was pretty popular so I thought I’d share a bit more from Kelvin’s session– this time on a different topic….

04.07.14 Readers: Please Help Me with Positive Framing!

I’m writing about Positive Framing … the final steps of TLAC 2.0 and I want to give some examples.  What I’ve come up with is OK but the insights I got when I asked for input from readers on Exit Tickets was so good that I thought I’d enlist your collective advice again. For this exercise, please…

04.02.14 A Tale of Two Affirmations

I just realized something small but possibly important about narrating positive behavior in the classroom. Let’s say I’m standing at the front of my classroom as students enter and i want to acknowledge a student, Afonte, who’s met my expectations: come in, got out his stuff, got to work right away on the Do Now–just right. …

05.02.13 Sultanna Noormuhammad and How to Build a Teaching Community

This blog post is about a powerful—and simple, and short—email a great leader sent to her staff and how she packed value into a few short sentences…. A few weeks ago I blogged about the challenges of doing TLaC “on an island”—what it was like to trying try to implement a TLaC-ish approach as a lone…