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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

09.21.20 Dan Willingham’s Workarounds for Online Teaching: Some Video Examples

The Cognitive Psychologist Daniel Willingham had a useful Op-Ed in the LA Times last week in which he discussed the ways that online learning is cognitively strange (my phrase; blame me if you don’t like it)–that is, it asks us to interact socially in ways we aren’t used to and haven’t evolved for and that are…

09.02.20 Online Learning: The First Step is Transparency

Online learning is brand new- for teachers and for students. That means figuring out and communicating consistent expectations for how things are work. The more transparent we can be the better. That’s why we love this video produced by teachers at Kea’au Elementary School in Keaau, Hawaii. It’s fun and playful but it makes it really clear…

08.12.20 Highlights from Arianna Chopp’s Online Reading Lesson

Recently I shared an online lesson template that Darryl Williams developed for schools. The idea was to build a model for what “typical” online lessons looked like and that included a balance of activities to ensure student engagement and focus and a variety of modes of interaction. We’ve since updated and simplified it slightly for clarity….