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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

03.16.17 Lessons in Practice from the Seattle Seahawks

My Practice Perfect co-author Katie Yezzi recently came across a pretty amazing video of Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talking about practice and his approach to it.  Beyond the key takeaway that practice is incredibly important to any performance profession–“Practice is everything,” Carroll says in the video–there are a ton of useful lessons for those…

09.06.16 On Coaching: How Kelvin Jones Uses Feedback to Build Culture

Last week I posted some video of Virginia ODP soccer coach Kelvin Jones’ training session with players at his home club in Williamsburg, Va.  The video showed some of what made his models so successful and was pretty popular so I thought I’d share a bit more from Kelvin’s session– this time on a different topic….

12.08.15 Dept. of Game-Changing Ideas: Feedback Before the Lesson

Imagine for a minute a school that provides lots of useful feedback to teachers.  Perhaps this describes your own school.  Trusted colleagues and peers frequently see you teach. They have a shared vision of successful teaching that aligns to your own in large part and they take time to give you concrete practical advice to help…

04.07.15 Guest Post: Kim Frusciante on Training Rookie Teachers

Kim Frusciante is the Director of Rookie Teacher Development at Collegiate Academies, a charter organization that supports three high schools in New Orleans, Louisiana (Sci Academy, Carver Collegiate, and Carver Prep). In the past four years, Sci Academy has consistently achieved the highest statewide exam scores in the Recovery School District, and the highest among non-selective high schools…