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Our train-the-trainer workshops prepare instructional leaders to deliver high-quality training on Teach Like a Champion and Practice Perfect techniques.

Systems and Routines

Workshop (per person)$ 500

Licensing (one per school)$ 500

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Systems and Routines

One of the hallmarks of great classrooms and schools is a culture of excellence, which students embody in everything they do. Whether students are raising hands, passing papers, annotating texts, or participating in a discussion, they know how to do it, and they do it well. This excellence is often built on a foundation of well-taught procedures and systems that, with repetition and consistency, become routines–actions that students do automatically and with little-to-no teacher prompting.


Join facilitators Doug Lemov, Erica Woolway, Hilary Lewis, and Darryl Williams to prepare to deliver excellent training to your staff on System and Routines. You’ll leave the workshop equipped to train teachers in the techniques that champion teachers use to design, install, and maintain Systems and Routines.



  • An understanding and vision for rolling out the academic, behavioral, and cultural systems that drive student engagement and achievement across classrooms
  • Insights on the effective application of Systems and Routine techniques by champion teachers and leaders to create school wide systems that maximize student engagement and achievement
  • An understanding of the importance of practicing new techniques with teachers and a framework for how to effectively practice and rollout Systems and Routines
  • Practice activities that will strengthen teachers’ capacity to apply effective Systems and Routines techniques in their classrooms to create strong classroom cultures
  • The opportunity to plan how you will implement these techniques in your school’s professional development program



  • Teach Like a Champion 2.0 techniques that enable teachers to design, install, transfer ownership, and maintain Systems and Routines
  • Effective modeling and coaching during practice in order to help get teachers to mastery of the techniques



Attendees who opt to license the materials will receive the video clips discussed at the workshop, as well as additional training materials, including:

  • Our Systems and Routines Plug and Play–our  Ready-to-use training that includes a Power Point with embedded video and participant handouts
  • Full description of all techniques, methods, and practice activities covered in the training
  • PowerPoint deck used in the workshop
  • Talking points for each video clip
  • Additional clips with complete talking points
  • Lesson plans for school-wide and individual PD activities to help leaders train teachers
  • Aligned coaching tools and other materials to maximize teacher development



Our workshops are delivered using a “Train the Trainer” model. We prepare instructional leaders and school leadership teams to deliver excellent training on Teach Like a Champion 2.0 techniques. Schools typically send a team of two to five instructional leaders, deans and/or teachers in order to have several key team members responsible for turnkeying the work back at their campuses.

Workshop (per person)$ 500

Licensing (one per school)$ 500

The Desmond Hotel Albany 660 Albany Shaker Road Albany, NY 12211
Questions? Read our FAQs