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Check for Understanding

Recognizing the difference between  “I taught it” and  “They learned it”  is one of the most important challenges that a teacher faces. Consistently and effectively Checking for Understanding allows teachers to both uncover and respond to student misunderstandings.


Join facilitators Colleen Driggs, Darryl Williams, Erica Woolway, and Hilary Lewis to prepare to deliver high quality training on Check for Understanding. Ensuring all students master rigorous content requires that teachers engineer their classrooms to Check for Understanding systematically and effectively. This workshop will help leaders equip teachers to expose student misunderstandings intentionally and to respond to error productively.



  • Gathering data effectively through Teach Like a Champion 2.0 techniques including Reject Self Report, Targeted Questioning, Standardize the Format, Tracking Not Watching, Show Me, and Affirmative Checking.
  • Creating a safe and productive environment in which students reveal their misconceptions by creating a Culture of Error via Expect Error, Withhold the Answer, Manage the Tell, and Praise Risk Taking.
  • Responding immediately to student misunderstandings through Plan for Error, Excavate Error, and Own and Track.



Attendees will leave prepared with the video clips discussed at the workshop, as well as additional training materials, including:

  • Full description of all techniques, methods, and practice activities covered in the training
  • Talking points for each video clip
  • Additional clips with complete talking points
  • Lesson plans for school-wide and individual PD activities to help leaders train teachers
  • Aligned coaching tools and other materials to maximize teacher development



Our workshops are delivered using a “Train the Trainer” model. We prepare instructional leaders and school leadership teams to deliver excellent training on Teach Like a Champion 2.0 techniques. Schools typically send a team of two to five instructional leaders and teachers in order to build capacity within school teams to lead and implement Teach Like a Champion techniques back at their schools.

Workshop (per person)$ 500

Licensing (one per school)$ 500

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