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Reading Reconsidered

by Doug Lemov, Colleen Driggs, and Erica Woolway

It’s a question of every teacher’s mind: How can we teach our students to read, read well, and read on their own? Reading Reconsidered is expert educators Doug Lemov, Colleen Driggs, and Erica Woolway’s practical, detailed answer to the question. Grounded in advice from successful reading teachers nationwide, Reading Reconsidered conquers everything from the four key principles of Common Core reading to the fundamentals of literacy instruction, with over 40 instructional videos to guide you along the way. From literacy specialist to algebra teacher, Reading Reconsidered gives you what you need to help every student read with rigor, one tool at a time.

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Tackling the New SAT

Tackling the New SAT

This mini ebook offers a few thoughts as well as practical guidance for teachers faced with the question of how to best prepare students for these challenging new assessments.

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The Five Plagues

The Five Plagues

While the literary canon, or "best" books to read, may be a dated idea, we've boiled it down to five types of books you should be sure to read with your students, or what the authors, with tongue in cheek, refer to as the "Five Plagues."

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Text Selection Matters

Text Selection Matters

Partner with your school leader to ensure that your students are exposed to an array of complex reading material to build knowledge and the reading skills critical for college.

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The Rubric

Text Selection Tool

Get on the same page by using the text selection rubric with your teachers. Work together to assess, compare, and plan out classroom texts for a school year of reading that counts.

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Text Selection Matters

Reader Discussion Questions

Ask the right questions. Use these specially crafted discussion questions to get the most out of Reading Reconsidered with help from the authors.
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The Authors

Doug Lemov

is a managing director of Uncommon Schools and leads its Teach Like a Champion team, designing and implementing teacher training based on the study of high-performing teachers. He is the author of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 and coauthor of Practice Perfect.

Colleen Driggs

is a director of professional development for the Teach Like a Champion team at Uncommon Schools. Prior to joining the Teach Like a Champion team she was a middle school science and literacy teacher.

Erica Woolway

is the chief academic officer for the Teach Like a Champion team at Uncommon Schools. She is a coauthor of Practice Perfect. Erica began her career in education as a kindergarten teacher and then worked as a school counselor and dean.

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