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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

06.23.17 For Coaches: Making Downtime More Productive During Practice

Recently I watched Mike Ellicott training his U13 girls at Empire United‘s development academy in Rochester.  I wanted to share an idea that came out of it. When his girls broke into three groups for small sided games–one group ‘off’ while the other two played; the third group rotating in after five mins–something caught my eye….

06.09.17 For Coaches: Notes on ‘Means of Participation’

      A topic I’ve been thinking about as I’ve watched coaches over the past couple of months is something I call ‘means of participation.’ It’s relevant during questioning. I’ve written about if for classroom teachers here.  But it’s relevant for coaches too- questioning is important in building decision-making and reinforcing knowledge through recall practice…

06.09.17 For Coaches: On Correcting Instead of Critiquing

I’ve spent a lot of time watching coaches this year.  One of the common ideas I find myself noticing is the difference between critique and correction.  I took the section on this idea from Practice Perfect and adapted and simplified it slightly. Here it is. Critique involves telling a participant how to do it better. Correction…

06.01.17 Video from our Annual ‘Practice Perfect’ Workshop

Just two weeks to go until our annual Practice Perfect workshop when we spend two days studying what is probably the secret to more effective teacher training- deliberate practice. Teaching is a performance profession–though few people think of it that way.  This means that we perform live. We go on stage five times a day. And…