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01.05.17Technology in School: My View as a Parent


                                                                           Not sure this is the classroom I want for my kids.




Speaking solely as a parent here, but I am as eager for my children’s schools to insulate them from technology at times–to ask them to read and write and think for long stretches without the distractions and disruptions technology creates–as I am for their schools to expose them to and immerse them in technology.


Their lives are (over-)infused with technology already. Having them read or write without interruption 45 minutes or an hour, say, just a book, just pencil and paper, is a higher priority for me.  Sustaining concentration remains critically important to learning, productivity and growth but the difficulty of doing so increases every day.


Not saying ‘no’ to technology–there are clearly productive uses–but arguing for lots of tech-free moments–for human interaction and for making sustained concentration a habit–are at least as important.

What about you? Do you feel similarly? Do you do things to shape your school or classroom (or home) accordingly?