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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

08.07.17 To A Young Mother in the Supermarket Parking Lot

I feel a bit anxious every time I write a post that applies something I’ve learned about teaching to parenting. I always remember the feeling of being a parent when everyone thinks they know better than you. So I will state that I am most certainly NOT a parenting expert, but every once in a while…

07.29.17 Educators: It is VERY Important to Distinguish Correlation from Causation

  There’s one of those articles again today. It’s in the Atlantic. Again.  It observes that, ‘Curiosity is under-emphasized in the classroom, but research shows that it is one of the strongest markers of academic success.’  “Marker’ is a tricky word there. It sounds quasi-medical.  It kind of makes you think that curiosity leads to success….

07.11.17 A Q&A with Stuart Singer on Mindfulness and Performance

    I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Stuart Singer, who works with athletes to help them master the mental aspects of performance.  As we talked I realized there was a lot of overlap between our areas of interest- from a coaching perspective and more broadly from a teaching and learning perspective.  He agreed…

07.06.17 John Costello’s New Art of the Sentence Insights

Yesterday I shared Maggie Johnson’s thoughts about a great bit of writing instruction in Gabby Woolf’s classroom.  The connection to the amazing sentence-development work of Judith Hochman also struck my colleague John Costello. He reflects further on it in this guest post: Here at TLaC towers we love observing teachers who focus on sentence-craft to build…