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09.02.20Online Learning: The First Step is Transparency

An Organization Transparency Checklist
It’s better when you don’t have to guess

Online learning is brand new- for teachers and for students. That means figuring out and communicating consistent expectations for how things are work. The more transparent we can be the better.

That’s why we love this video produced by teachers at Kea’au Elementary School in Keaau, Hawaii.

It’s fun and playful but it makes it really clear to students what the school’s shared expectations are for online classes. It shows great work envisioning–you can imagine the meeting where teachers brainstormed all the most important things that could (and probably had) gone wrong with online instruction in the Spring.

Now here they were heading those things off the the Fall.

It’s also an interesting video because it’s probably as helpful to parents as it is to students.

It’s also an exemplary case study in coordination.

If the expectations are the same in every room in the school, students benefit–consistency and predictability let young people focus on learning more important things.

Great job Kea’au Elementary!


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