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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

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04.24.15 Reading Notes from My Kitchen Table

This morning my daughter (6) successfully decoded the words “exotic” & “species” when she saw them in print for (I assume) the first time.  She struggled to get halfway through exotic and then suddenly she got it. “Ex… ex-OAT… ex-AH… exotic!” She succeeded, to make an obvious but important point, because she already knew those words….

04.17.15 Implementing Wait Time: Guest Post by Charlie Friedman

Amazing Engaging Academic workshop in Denver this week. We loved talking about the craft of teaching with teachers from Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Charlotte and a score of other places. One of the highlights came during a break. I noticed that Charlie Friedman, the principal of Nashville Classical, was writing, and I asked what he was…

04.14.15 Rue Ratray: Frustration and Rigor, Part I

Rue Ratray is Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at UP Academy Oliver in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a district turnaround that’s one part of superintendent Jeff Riley’s bold efforts to revitalize the schools in this small former mill city that’s (previously) been known for under-performing schools. Rue’s an amazing and inspirational teacher.  You can see video of him…

04.07.15 Guest Post: Kim Frusciante on Training Rookie Teachers

Kim Frusciante is the Director of Rookie Teacher Development at Collegiate Academies, a charter organization that supports three high schools in New Orleans, Louisiana (Sci Academy, Carver Collegiate, and Carver Prep). In the past four years, Sci Academy has consistently achieved the highest statewide exam scores in the Recovery School District, and the highest among non-selective high schools…

04.03.15 On Vocabulary: What is a ‘Tier One’ Word?

Bringing Words to Life is a landmark book for me and many other educators on the topic of vocabulary instruction.   It’s hard to say what the three most important ideas in it are because there are so many, but one of the most widely discussed in Beck, McKeown and Kucan’s discussion is how to choose which…