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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

Welcome to Field Notes. I’ve named this blog to emphasize the idea that just about everything in my books is someone else’s brilliant idea. My idea was just to write it down. I like the role of the observer and think there’s a lot of power in it. Think about it—there isn’t a problem in teaching or learning that someone somewhere hasn’t solved. We just need to find them and take some field notes. So, join me here for discussion and observations related to Teach Like a Champion, Practice Perfect, and whatever else fits under the banner of teaching and practice.


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10.12.14 Workshop Reflections: Using Non-Verbals on the Academic Side

Sunday evening in London, and I’m unwinding from an amazing two-day Train the Trainers workshop at Ark All Saints Academy on Thursday and Friday for top UK educators, co-presented with Erica Woolway (@EricaWoolway) and Colleen Driggs (@ColleenDriggs). Before the workshop Lucy Frame, the principal at All Saints looked at the list of attendees and said, “Wow….

09.29.14 Notes on Circulating: Break the Plane and Engage When You Circulate

Two short segments from TLaC 2.0 on Circulating: Break the Plane The “plane” of your classroom is the imaginary line that runs the length of the room, parallel to and about five feet in front of the board, usually about where the first student desks start.Many teachers are hesitant or slow to “break the plane”—to move…

09.29.14 Read With Your Students Today

Champion teachers integrate prodigious amounts of reading into their classes, and that, in my opinion, is one of their most salient characteristics. No matter what they teach, such teachers reinforce—with their actions as much as their words—that reading is indispensable to study and learning. They know we can’t just say, “To be a scientist you must…

09.27.14 Stretch It Loves Objectives: A 2.0 Excerpt

Here’s a tiny TLaC 2.0 Excerpt on the topic of Stretch It Let’s assume you asked a student to add three and five. After she correctly gave you an answer of eight, you decided to Stretch It a bit and reward correct work with harder questions. Here are a number of ways you might stretch her:…

09.22.14 On Training and Turnaround: A Note from Annabel Bates

One of the highlights of my time in the UK has been working with the driven and dynamic educators at ARK schools, who run high performing schools in London, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Hastings, including schools in some of those cities’ most economically deprived neighborhoods. I recently visited ARK Elvin Academy, near Wembley Stadium.  Elvin is a…