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Doug Lemov's field notes

Reflections on teaching, literacy, coaching, and practice.

Welcome to Field Notes. I’ve named this blog to emphasize the idea that just about everything in my books is someone else’s brilliant idea. My idea was just to write it down. I like the role of the observer and think there’s a lot of power in it. Think about it—there isn’t a problem in teaching or learning that someone somewhere hasn’t solved. We just need to find them and take some field notes. So, join me here for discussion and observations related to Teach Like a Champion, Practice Perfect, and whatever else fits under the banner of teaching and practice.

07.08.14 On Managing the Attentiveness of Players in Practice: Another Video of Khris Clemens

Last week I posted a video of soccer coach Khris Clemens using correction instead of critique to help his players improve.  Today I’d like to share another clip from Khris’ practice–this one highlighting an important but easily overlooked topic in coaching (and teaching)–maintaining attention. Watching players attend (or not attend) to a coach often reminds me…

07.04.14 A Primer on Positive Reinforcement (aka Precise Praise)

This post is going to be short but useful. For workshops, we take sections of Teach Like a Champion and one-page-er-ize them.  Here’s a link to the one-pager we use for Precise Praise–handy all summer (and fall) I hope: for classrooms, coaching, camps and, I keep finding, parenting generally. Precise Praise Technique Notes

07.03.14 Annals of Practice: Khris Clemens and the Difference Between Critique and Correction

In Practice Perfect, Katie and Erica and I wrote about the difference between critique and correction. Critique is telling someone what they did wrong and how they could have done it better.  Correction is revision. It’s causing someone to practice doing it better, ideally right away, usually accompanied by explanation but also with action.  Critique has…

07.02.14 A New No Opt Out Insight and the Advent of TLaC 3.0

I should start this post with apologies for my long hiatus from blogging.  After finishing the new book manuscript, I developed a keen case of, if not writer’s block then at least writer’s break… but I feel like I’m getting over it. And yesterday, I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a short…